Antipasti – Starters

Antipasti Freddi - cold appetisers

Prosciutto e Melone...£7.95

Terrina di Pate ...£6.95

Mozzarella e prosciutto ...£8.50

Mozzarella e Peperoni (V) ...£6.95

Profumo Mediterraneo ...£8.95

Tonno & Fagioli ...£6.95

Crab Cocktail ...£8.95

Duo Di Salmone e Gamberi ...£8.50

Olives Marinate ...£3.95

Cured Italian parma ham, served with sliced melon

Home-made chicken liver pate

Fresh mozzarella and cured Italian parma ham

Fresh sliced mozzarella cheese served with roasted peppers

A combination of fresh mozzarella, Italian speck, grilled artichokes, prawns, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil

Tuna marinated in olive oil with cannellini beans, garnished with tomato and fresh basil

Fresh white crab meat garnished with mayonnaise sauce and a mixed salad

Smoked salmon and prawns in a Marie Rose sauce

Antipasti Caldi - hot appetisers

Plain pizza bread (V) ...£4.50

Garlic pizza bread (V) ...£4.95

Minestrone Fresco (V) ...£5.25

Pesciolini Fritti ...£6.50

Gamberi Fritti ...£7.25

Calamari Fritti ...£7.50

Fagottini di Pollo e Funghi ...£6.95

Funghetti e aglio (V) ...£6.25

Polpette di Carne ...£7.25

Vegetali Grigliati ...(V) £7.50

Pizza bread base coated with garlic butter

Pizza bread base coated with tomato and garlic

Fresh home-made vegetable soup

Breaded whitebait deep-fried served with tartar sauce

Deep-fried tiger prawns served with tartar sauce

Deep fried squid rings served with tartar sauce

Pancakes filled with chicken, mushrooms and topped with white sauce and tomato

Fresh mushrooms served in garlic butter

Meat balls served in a tomato and garlic sauce

Mixed grill of vegetables and goats cheese


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When booking, please make us aware of any allergies or dietary requirements